Dental insurance benefits are coming to an end December 31 !

On December 31 , your insurance benefits will end. On January 1 they will refresh back up to your yearly maximum ! This could be a good or bad thing , especially if you have a few things you may need to take care of and have not used that much or any of your benefits! For people who are going through on-going treatment and may have maxxed out their insurance for this year January 1 is when your pot of money is refreshed from the insurance!

Either situation that you are in , you should give the office a call so we can accommodate you in our schedule as soon as we can . When the end of the year pops up we find our schedule can become very full and we want to be able to make sure you are taking advantage of the dental benefits you work hard for !

Give us a call , or send us an email and we will set you up with a time that is convenient for you !

– Kelli


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