Wisdom teeth extraction

You can see the wisdom teeth in the corners of the mouth



In our office we notice a main complaint between patients aged 17 and 25 is their wisdom teeth . We normally suggest having these teeth out as soon as possible to prevent crowding , infection and because they could damage your other teeth.

The two main reasons for having your wisdom teeth extracted is because they are impacted or could become problematic in the future .

Because the area around the wisdom teeth is harder to clean it makes it very easy to get cavities in those areas. Sometimes you can even get an infection that could spread to your other teeth , and cause you to become in terrible pain .

In our office we generally start with a consult and a panoramic xray to see exactly what kind of extractions we would need to do. If the wisdom teeth are coming through the gum then we would set you up for a surgical extraction . If the panoramic x-ray shows that the teeth are failing to erupt at the gum line then we would need to set you up to come in for a full bony extraction or a partial bony extraction. A Full bony or partial bony extraction means that your wisdom teeth are covered by a layer of bone that needs to be removed in order to get to your wisdom tooth.

The recovery time for a wisdom tooth removal varies but most of the time patients are feeling much better 1-3 days after the surgery . If you are having any wisdom tooth pain or feel pressure feel free to give us a call and come in for a free consultation . (781)255-1055 .

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