Dental anxiety and how to deal with it .

I have certainly heard the horror stories some patients have told me about past dental experiences . I have reassured many a patient to not worry about anything and give them a brief breakdown of how we like to work at our office. We generally start a new patient with an exam and xrays. This appointment is about an hour . After the teeth and gums are cleaned and xrays are taken , the doctor will come in and examine all your teeth and come up with a treatment plan if you need any work done. After the Doctor is done with the examination , he or an assistant will bring you up to the front desk where we can schedule you for any treatment and go over all the financial aspects of your treatment. 

   My suggestion for the next visit would be to try and come early in the day . The earlier you come in my opinion the easier you can get it over with and enjoy the rest of your day . No one who is anxious about the dentist wants to dread an appointment all day . Also if the whirring noise of the instruments may make you anxious you can always bring an ipod or cd player to your appointment. We also have speakers in almost every room that we can turn on for you to listen to some music that might make you more comfortable.

      For a lot of patients they associate pain with dental visits. Not so and I can tell you that from personally being a patient. Of course when not keeping up with dental care that can predispose you to getting infections and decay and that can be painful , but most of the time our fillings root canals and crowns are pretty painless procedures other than the numbing part which only takes about 30 seconds. Taking the first step to come in for a cleaning and exam is the best way to start to overcome your dental anxiety and get you in tip top oral shape! We also have free consultations where you can come in and talk to the Doctor about your needs and your anxieties . We hope to see you in office soon !


– Kelli Patient Coordinator 


What is scaling and root planing

Scaling and root planing is a non surgical way to get rid of plaque and debris under the gum line.  

When plague and calculus start to accumulate under the gum it is very important to have a deep scaling to remove this build up. If this is left untreated you could suffer from a multitude of issues including inflamation , bone loss and even tooth loss. Deep scaling helps prevent the need for more extensive treatement such as gum surgery and bone grafts . After having a deep scale it is imperative you follow the hygenists recommendations and follow a 3 month recall to maintain the health of your gums.

How the scaling is performed –

When the hygienists notate that a patient has inflamed gums , depp pocketing or bone loss their first suggestion is to have the deep scaling and root planing. This process includes numbing your gums and going under the gum to remove the plaque , calculus and debris. They will use a hand scaler or an ultrasonic scaler to remove the debris. The ultrasonic actually vibrates against the hardened debris to dislodge the calculus and plaque stuck to the teeth  as opposed to having the hygenist scaling the tooth manually.

To prevent the need of this procedure we recommend having your 6 month cleanings or 3 month if suggested by a hygienist and check ups on time. We also suggest making sure you are brushing and flossing in the morning and evening and after eating. This is the best way to prevent the need for scaling and root planing .  



Dental X-rays and Brain tumors?

We have had a ferw patients ask us about this new study they have heard or read about that dental x-rays were being blamed on brain tumors .  After reading an article about how these experts are associating these two things it seems to imply that the basis for running this study was flawed. One point the ada dentist’s made was that the experts were asking patients to recall how many times and when they had dental x-rays takenas far back as 30 years. So while this study proved association it really does not prove that it is certainly related.

   My thoughts on this new study is that if we are going back 30 years to try and correlate the two being in relation we must look at the way x-rays have changed from back in the 80’s to now. In our office we use digital x-rays as opposed to the old school method of taking the x-rays and then exposing them in office. Our x-ray machine is proven to give up to 85 % less radiation then the rate of exposing them in office . And the cost of that radiation equals a day in sun in most cases. Not only are they safer but they are more time effective for our patients. The old school method takes up to 10 minutes to develop while our digital x-rays are just as quick as a point and click just like a cell phone or a digital camera. 

 We follow a policy of panoramic x-rays and Full mouth x-rays to be 1 time every 3-5 years . And 4 bite wing x-rays every 6 months. We really believe that the benefit outweighs the risk of the 15 percent radiation you may incur from these x-rays as they tell us important things about the state of your gums and teeth . 

If you have any questions about x-rays feel free to talk to anyone at Advanced Dental. We are here to inform our patients the best we can so that we can provide the best care we can .