Spring has sprung at Advanced Dental

Spring has sprung at Advanced Dental Centers . We have been updating the look of our office, starting with a new green color at our front desk!

Image We have also updated our technologies starting with a new upgrade to our digital x-ray system for all our operatories . Another amazing technology we have started using is the Cerec Machine . Cerec stands for CEramic REConstruction . With the Cerec we can actually make crowns or inlays/onlays in the office , ALL IN ONE DAY ! The Cerec works by taking intraoral photos of your tooth and sending them wirelessly to the Cerec machine. Then, the milling machine begins to mill your new crown , inlay/onlay right before your eyes.

The new Cerec machine!

This machine can finish your crown in an hour or two as opposed to having a temporary crown on your tooth for 3 weeks while the lab processes the final crown . Not only is it a quick and easy process but there are also multiple benefits to having a Cerec crown :


  • Cerec materials match the properties of your natural tooth  more closely then the lab made crowns ( which are porcelain fused to metal ) .
  • The way that the Cerec is bonded to your tooth enables the doctors to save more natural tooth than if you were to get a lab processed crown which helps strengthen that tooth. 
  • On an x-ray image, you can see right through the Cerec crown, whereas this is not possible with a porcelain fused to metal crown. This can detect any decay or underlying issues within the tooth .
  • Time saving is perhaps the greatest benefit. Instead of coming back for two to three visits and we can prep, mill and cement the Cerec crown all in just one visit!

You can check out more information about the Cerec here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CEREC .


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