Get your whitest teeth fast !

One our best cosmetic procedures for the summer is our great 99.00 Bleaching special . We usually lower the fee from 298.00 to 99.00 for a few months so that our patients can take advantage of having a sparkling white smile to go with their summer clothes ! While a lot of patients , old and new have been taking advantage of this special I wondered about what exactly was in these gel’s that we hand out with our kits.

After a little investigating I found that the main ingredient in our bleaching solution is peroxide. The peroxide is actually what bleaches the tooth enamel .  A dental office is currently the only place you can get a high percentage bleaching gel which typically run from 10% , 16 %  or 22 % . Something like white strips from the store generally only have maybe about a 6% or less amount of peroxide in them .

While bleaching strips may seem like a cheaper better alternative to coming into the office , if you really want to have better and faster results your best bet is to come into the office. You can always start with a consultation to let the Doctor know your what results you are looking for . This is also an extremely good idea if you are thinking about bleaching and may have any fillings, or crowns /veneers on your front teeth .

If you are interested in getting your brightest whitest smile give us a call to set up an appointment !!

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