Dental Implants

I have been noticing that a lot of patients seem to be opting for implants instead of having bridges  or partials done . I wanted to look a little bit more into what exactly the procedure is for dental implants , and the steps it takes to restore them .

When looking into Implants one of the first prerequisites are to have healthy gum’s . Something that can be achieved by making sure to get in to have your teeth cleaned and examined every 6 months , or three months if you have had a deep periodontal cleaning , or any kind of gum surgery . Healthy Gums are the key to having healthy teeth .

In our office after you talk to your doctor about implants we usually send you to our periodontist , Dr. Italo Lozada , For a consult . At this consultation he will examine the area where you would like to place your implant. After he goes over the treatment we will then schedule you to come back and start the procedure .

Your First Visit :

The implant is essentially an anchor that are put into your gum to replace the natural tooth roots you are missing . The implants are made using titanium and other materials that are well suited to the human body.This implant attaches to your bone and gum to become a stable base for the custom artificial dental crown the doctor will attach to the implant. The gum is then placed over the implant and will remained covered for about 3- 6 months so it can “osseointegrate”  or fuses with the bone.

The next step is to uncover the implant , during this procedure the doctor will then attach an extension  called a post to the implant . The gum tissue will then be allowed to heal around the post .

The last step of your implant is that the Doctor will make a crown that will fit onto your implant and will blend in with your surrounding teeth once the crown is completed .

The whole process in my opinion is pretty amazing. Instead of losing a tooth and resorting to a denture or a partial , you can have an implant that is almost like having your natural tooth back! If you are looking into having a a bridge or a partial done I think you should definitely look into having a consult about implants!

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