Dental sealants are not just for kids!

We all know that dental sealants are important for kids and teens to have , but do we really know why ?  I perused the American Dental Association  website and read about what , why and who can have dental sealants. I  was pleasantly surprised to find out all sorts of information that I am excited to pass along !

Dental sealants are usually put on the teeth of young children and teens when they have deep depressions or grooves in their teeth . This helps protect the chewing surfaces which is usually where decay occurs most often .

Sealants prevent this decay by bonding into the depressions and groves of a tooth essentially “sealing out ” plaque and food !

Sealants are easy to apply and only takes a few minutes to do them . The great part is that not only are they protecting the teeth but they last several years before they need to be reapplied! Good news in my opinion !

Sealants which are thought to be just for kids are not ! Adults can certainly  benefit from sealants as well . At your next visit ask your doctor if dental sealants could help your at home dental prevention program !

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