Enhanced Dental Benefits

Recently The Advanced Dental Centers front office went to the beautiful Blue Cross and Blue Shield office in Hingham to  take a course on the new dental benefits they are offering for people who have  diabetes , coronary artery disease and who are pregnant.  These new benefits provided from Blue Cross Blue Shield are having an cleaning 1 x 3 months instead of 1x 6 months . If there is a reason to necessitate a periodontal scaling or ” deep cleaning ”  Blue cross Blue shield will cover this procedure at 100 % as well . The best part of these enhanced benefits is that they are not subject to your calendar year maximum so they will not be taken from your pot of insurance money you have for the year .  Dental insurances seem to be recognizing that  its not just about having benefits for fillings and crowns , but having benefits and rewards for going to your preventive appointments which helps the dentist and the hygienist catch and treat any cavities or issues before they turn into a bigger , and more expensive problem.  It is definitely worth checking out your insurance to see if you have any of these extra benefits on your policy !



Dental sealants are not just for kids!

We all know that dental sealants are important for kids and teens to have , but do we really know why ?  I perused the American Dental Association  website and read about what , why and who can have dental sealants. I  was pleasantly surprised to find out all sorts of information that I am excited to pass along !

Dental sealants are usually put on the teeth of young children and teens when they have deep depressions or grooves in their teeth . This helps protect the chewing surfaces which is usually where decay occurs most often .

Sealants prevent this decay by bonding into the depressions and groves of a tooth essentially “sealing out ” plaque and food !

Sealants are easy to apply and only takes a few minutes to do them . The great part is that not only are they protecting the teeth but they last several years before they need to be reapplied! Good news in my opinion !

Sealants which are thought to be just for kids are not ! Adults can certainly  benefit from sealants as well . At your next visit ask your doctor if dental sealants could help your at home dental prevention program !